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Sanitary plumber Installation and maintenance of all health workers Extension of feeding piles of green propylene and installation of sewerage and sewerage installation Installation of ghammets and installation of latrines, laundries and kilns Work of kitchens on the modern road Installation of bathroom accessories Ceramics and Porcelain    Installation of ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, walls and floors, and making shelves and decorations Installation of bathroom sets and finishing of bathrooms after ceramics and installation of all sanitary appliances and accessories batho.


Pumps and machines

Installation of water lifting pumps from bottom to top to fill the tanks and installation of pumps above the roofs and central networks to strengthen the water in the bathrooms, kitchens, gardens, swimming pools and Jacuzzi Installation of central and regular heaters, installation of reagents and extension of all water lines to feed the bathrooms and kitchens in American ways healthy tools   Renovation of bathrooms, ceramic and porcelain replacement Walls and floors, installation of green PP pipes, sewage and drainage pipes, installation of latrines, laundries and wash
from Sanitary plumber.

Sanitary plumber

All of the health contractors are renovating bathrooms and changing their plans, engineering designs and overall landscaping Renovation of bathrooms and kitchens change and drainage and ducts and installation of insulation to prevent leakage and installation of and Porcelain walls and floors Install all kits  Sewage drains Sewage of infested sewers with the latest types of American sprung machines, high pressure with water, air, Renovation of bathrooms and kitchens change Bibat and drainage and maintenance of kitchen and kitchen sets and installation Health Technician  Health Technician Comprehensive examination of sewerage, leakage and mucking

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